7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

By MADHUKAR - February 09, 2019

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

People often has a mindset that weight loss is a difficult process and involves lot of exercises to reduce that bad fat. But the truth is it only takes 7 best exercises for weight loss process. Definitely food also plays major role in weight loss journey. Proper exercise and healthy food go hand in hand when it comes to weight loss. You only need these 7 best exercises for weight loss and have that good shape you always dreamed of.

Here are 7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss :

1. Squats

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Squats are the one of the best workouts for weight loss. Squats are a functional exercises, ones that help your body perform real life activities and are one of the best and most natural ways of toning your body. They work up your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, lower back and your butt too. Because of this muscle building, you start burning more and more calories and start loosing weight. 

Pro tip : Add weights to the squats to burn calories even quicker.

2. Lunges

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Whether you want to loose weight and look slim or you want to tone your body, lunges can make you miracles. Lunges mainly targets legs and bottom. Lunges target the quadriceps, but involve additional muscles, including the calves and core muscles, making them an important exercise for toning the lower body. As you do lunges, you start getting toned muscles which will intern burn fat. More muscles burn more fat.

3. Jump Rope

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Most of you would have played jumping rope for fun during childhood days. How about if I say Jumping rope can help you with weight loss ?

Yes jumping rope is one of the best ways to reduce weight loos with minimal efforts. Research has shown that jumping rope can help you burn roughly 1,300 calories per hour and our case studies have proven it. Jump rope involves more muscles and you loose fat in a faster way. Jumping rope is a fun exercise too. 

One more additional benefit of Jumping rope is that it can help you with improved brain functionality.

4. Mountain Climbers

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Mountain Climbers are a compound exercise, meaning they work several joints and muscle groups simultaneously. Your core muscles, including your back, hips and abs, work hard to keep you stable. The mountain-climber exercise is known for building lower-body strength. You burn a lot of fat during this mountain climbing exercise. Consider doing mountain climbing more for proper core muscles and good rate of weight loss.

5. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be done in combination with any other weight loss exercises. HIIT performed for 15 min a day (thrice a week) can help you loose fat rather than doing cardio for a hour (Every single day). Not only does your body metabolize fat for fuel during the workout, during the post-exercise recovery period after HIIT exercise the body will tap into fat stores for the energy required to restore it to its normal resting state. 

With HIIT, you not only burn a lot of calories during the workout, but because of the high intensity you will continue to burn calories as your body replaces energy and repairs muscle proteins damaged during exercise.

6. Planks

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Planking is one of the simplest yet more effective exercise that you can follow. Planking requires no movement of body to burn fat. All you have to do is hold your body (the trunk portion) off the ground, making sure to hold it in a straight line. 

Planking requires no movement of body but requires good strength and endurance in your abs, back, and core. The plank is one of the best exercise for core conditioning but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance. Planking speeds up the fat burning process and helps you with achieving that good look that you always wanted.

7. Crunches

7 Best Exercises for weight Loss

Fitness experts all agree that there are several unique health benefits associated with performing abdominal crunches. Abdominal crunches are an excellent means to burning calories in the body. According to studies it has been established that a half hour of crunches has the ability to burn around 300 calories. To benefit more from crunches, try mixing it with other exercises mentioned earlier. This can help you with rapid burning of that unwanted fat stored in the body.

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