7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

By MADHUKAR - January 12, 2019

Does complaining, whining and venting out your frustration really get you anywhere? No matter how much you complain, nothing will change if you don't take the wheel and actually do something to make your situation fulfilling.

That may sound challenging, but if you follow these pieces of advice every day, you'll be well on your way to self-improvement.

1. Peruse something new every day.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

It could be a book – they are an inexpensive and easy way to tap into the world’s prowess – or it could be an academic site or one that extends far down into one of your hobbies. News is generally worth avoiding as it is normally pessimistic, but anything else that makes you think.

2. Improve your mind.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

Our brains are powerful things. Take a few minutes out of your day to have a nimble game of Sudoku or better your vocabulary. Either way it will help get your mind into gear.

3. Get under way with a new pastime.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

Hobbies can be solitary contrivances or they can require other people, either face to face or online. There are a good deal of different hobbies you could take up and a lot of them will help with your self amelioration. Whether it's growing your patience, expanding your mind, or upgrading your people skills. Analyze  yourself, pick on a new idea or one that you have thrown in the towel for a very long time and go for it.

4. Design your own vision board.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

Vision boards are the space where you let your mind run wild. They can be as simple as a few pictures pasted onto sheets of cardboard or they can be big whiteboards with inspiring pictures that relate to your goals. There are online systems available but I have realized that they can push the creative spirit backwards as you come to grips with the PC's idea of how you should track your thoughts but your range may vary.

5. Take on one of your fears.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

We have all got fears skulking in our minds and it can be quite fun giving yourself a boost - exercise to exorcise a fear or two. So whether you are glossophobic or arachnophobia or have got some other phobia that is controlling you, tackle it. There is an phenomenal feeling of satisfaction when you do this – it is nearly like encountering a new you,  and the small effort to take on the battle with one of your fears and get rid of it from your life is lucrative.

6. Rise  afore.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

The world is a quieter place first thing in the morning. Maybe go for a brisk walk to get those vital neurochemicals moving around your body. Maybe mix this in with a walking meditation where you become more conscious of what is occurring around you. Or just let the society get into your hair and pay attention to all those things that need to happen but never crossed your mind – the litter picking, pavement washing, preparations for the day ahead, or use the extra time you have obtained to work on one of the other ideas in this list.

7. Maintain a gratitude journal.

7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

Gratitude helps lots of other things manifest themselves into your life. It’s part of the law of attraction and being more grateful more often works well. A gratitude journal is one way of homogenizing this – keep it near your bedside and note down at least three things that have happened to you during the day that you are thankful for. Initially this may be a bit tensile but over the coming weeks and months you will discover more and more things that your grateful for. This helps with your overall gratitude levels and also puts your mind in a good state while you take a siesta.

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